Running to Water – Advanced Copy

Running to water is the first novel I am publishing. A kind author described it as the “love child of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and On the Road”. While I blush just reading that sentence it is a tall feat that I hope to even scale at any length.

Running to water is the combined stories of five individuals that come from backgrounds and cultures of vast differences. Intertwined within these stories is the biography of my life and how those four other individuals greatly effected it. For reasons of love, death, sexuality, religion and adolescence we all were running away from something unique to each of us. But we all shared the same desire to travel, expand and widen our perspectives.

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With the world in such an accessible place I love to call our generation the ‘span generation’. Because we can now span lengths once limited, in the flash of a click perspectives open. With that ability comes access to lives that destinations that were held at arms length in history books or televisions.

As I come to the final stages of the book I would be happy to share an advanced copy of the book with anyone that is interested. If you would like to read my first novel please email the address below with the subject – “advanced copy”.

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Running to water: 5 true stories of different lives that intersect at sea. Interested in an advanced copy?

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