Health Impressions

Marketing Podcast

“Health Impressions: Authority, Acquisition, Retention” is a leading healthcare marketing podcast series produced by Tidal Health Group and hosted by Bryan Cush. 

About the Podcast

The smartest people in marketing talk to Bryan Cush about healthcare digital marketing topics they know inside out.

Health Impressions is super helpful for people who want to learn more about Digital marketing for healthcare, with particular focus on brand authority, patient acquisition, patient retention.

The Guests

For the first season, the podcast has featured 10 amazing guests including Lily Ray, Zeev Neuwirth, Reed Mollins, and more!

The Host

Bryan Cush has worked in digital marketing for over 10 years and has worked for single-doctor tertiary-trained highly specialized practices to large health groups and everything in between.

A full list of episodes and guests

S.EpTitleGuestRelease Date
1.1Reimagining the Dental Experience: A Consumer-First Approach to HealthcareMatt FitzgeraldJuly 14, 2023
1.2Understanding User Journey and Appointment Drop-off in Healthcare MarketingMarc NeedhamJuly 18, 2023
1.3Survey Uncovers Counterintuitive Insights on Role of Online Reviews in HealthcareReed MollinsJuly 18, 2023
1.4Transforming Patient Care: Nurturing Journeys Beyond the AppointmentTeri SunAugust 2, 2023
1.5Unveiling the Broken Healthcare System: Empowering Patients through Consumer-Centric StrategiesBethany HaleAugust 14, 2023
1.6Staying Relevant in Healthcare: Audience Understanding, Marketing Process, and Brand BuildingJerry HobbsAugust 29, 2023
1.7Putting Patients First: Customization and Personalization in HealthcareZeev NeuwirthSeptember 12, 2023
1.8The Evolution of Consumer-Centered Experiences in HealthcareJared JohnsonSeptember 25, 2023
1.9EEATing Up Credibility: Navigating Healthcare SEO with Lily RayLily RayOctober 10, 2023
1.10Navigating the Challenges of Healthcare Branding and AuthorityDean BrowellOctober 24, 2023