How to Read Free Books Anywhere

Reading is such an essential part of my life I make sure a book is accessible no matter where I am or what I am doing. Nothing can replace a physical book and being able to mark up the pages. After that usually a kindle will follow me around everywhere. If I found... read more

How To Read (Psss – It’s Not Quickly)

Time To Read: 3-4 minutes Highlights: Common Place Book, Ryan Holiday (author) I don’t think it is a surprise that most people feel they don’t have the time to read or that they read to slow. But the real issue is not time or speed but retention. I read incredibly... read more

Diversification: The key to Everything

40 years at one job is not commitment, its devaluing yourself -Diversification: the key to investing successfully, so if one section tanks the others will keep you afloat. Apply the same philosophy to your work and lifestyle. Sample: 100 people at the age of 60. Of... read more

The Best Piece of Advice

It can be very different for each person but, you must step out of the comfort zone that you build around yourself. Travelling is one the most highly recommended things to do to  open up your mind, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Find that one thought that... read more

Professional Life

Soon to be Released

Running to water: 5 true stories of different lives that intersect at sea. Interested in an advanced copy?

How to Navigate College Education: A hands on guide from someone who went to 5 colleges in 4 years only to get a private school diploma at community college prices.


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