How To Read (Psss – It’s Not Quickly)

Time To Read: 3-4 minutes Highlights: Common Place Book, Ryan Holiday (author) I don’t think it is a surprise that most people feel they don’t have the time to read or that they read to slow. But the real issue is not time or speed but retention. I read incredibly... read more

Diversification: The key to Everything

40 years at one job is not commitment, its devaluing yourself -Diversification: the key to investing successfully, so if one section tanks the others will keep you afloat. Apply the same philosophy to your work and lifestyle. Sample: 100 people at the age of 60. Of... read more

Professional Life

Soon to be Released

Running to water: 5 true stories of different lives that intersect at sea. Interested in an advanced copy?

How to Navigate College Education: A hands on guide from someone who went to 5 colleges in 4 years only to get a private school diploma at community college prices.


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