How to go to college on the cheap: Where to make friends, get $10 credits, and travel along the way!

Engineering your Environment-Formal Education at an Informal Price

You are going to party no matter where you are!


Being an alumni from 4 different colleges and only having one degree allows me to dictate this process with ease. What I should add to that statement is I was able to reach this feet in the same 4 year time frame, live in three different major cities, receive my degree from the most reputable of those attended (which is a private school somewhere around 40k/yr nowadays) and do it for a 1/5 of the cost Continue reading

How you should really being looking at fast food!

 Clowns are making you fat, stealing your money, and your time!

Why McDonalds isn’t just making you fat!

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Since my private investigation days I have always had some quarrels about the Fast food Nation that we have developed in our country. More sadly in other countries as well, in Medellin Colombia some years ago, what became a family attraction with all its bright lights and sub-conscious color associative marketing? That’s right, McDonalds. While living with a family native to that city for decades they all came to me with so much excitement and wonder in their eyes, saying they had somewhere to take me that felt like home. I wasn’t going to tell them that I was here to experience completely the opposite, but I do love peoples’ genuine care about each other. As the 16 year old daughter ripped between gears, with suicidal motorcyclist weaving between us, we approached this glowing beacon in the city center. God dammit, there is no end to their reach. McDonalds was the late night attraction, and worst of all what they thought would feel like home for some ignorant gringo. I obliged in entering with them but decidedly ordered nothing, and went into detail about this little experiment I decided to try. Continue reading

Diversification: The key to Everything

40 years at one job is not commitment, its devaluing yourself

-Diversification: the key to investing successfully, so if one section tanks the others will keep you afloat. Apply the same philosophy to your work and lifestyle.

Sample: 100 people at the age of 60. Of this test group 61 people were what I call “Aces”, they stayed in for the long haul. May not have worked in the exact same company for their professional lives, but were extremely tracked in their work environment. They played the game with their best card and nothing else. The other 39 people were what I labeled as, “Wild Cards”. They transitioned through life always having a “best card”, which they focused on at any particular time. Continue reading

The Best Piece of Advice

It can be very different for each person but, you must step out of the comfort zone that you build around yourself. Travelling is one the most highly recommended things to do to  open up your mind, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Find that one thought that makes your heart race, that makes you feel nervous, and make a b-line towards it.

Continue reading

BORN IN THE WRONG COUNTRY? Societal conditions of acceptance

Engineering your Environment-Gearing the world to you

BORN IN THE WRONG COUNTRY? : Societal dictations of acceptance (Ever think that, read this then)


Besides the fact that everyone at some point in their life, preferably earlier, should visit and/or live in another country I have constantly contemplated this question. Was I born in the wrong country? Is there something wrong with me because I am not like everyone else? For what felt like an eternity I thought yes to both of these, until Bob Marley showed me the light. Continue reading